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There is an old saying that “with age comes wisdom”. Apparently, this proverb doesn’t hold true for everyone, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. Some people seem inclined to stay rooted in their old behavior patterns no matter how devastating they may be, and others pick up proclivities and habits that are not at all becoming as they age. Should an ‘elderly ‘ person be granted leniency for such a crime because of their age?

Take for instance the 72 year old man who was recently sentenced to 3 years in prison for sexually assaulting a 5 year old child in 2006. No one knows for certain if this is a behavior problem that has manifested recently or if he has been carrying it around for decades, but whatever the case, it is unacceptable in our society. Such lascivious behavior should not go unpunished, no matter how old or young the perpetrator, and yet, his lawyers are attempting to keep him out of prison because he is an elder. In The Bronx and Suffolk County, this type of behavior would not be tolerated because of age.

In this case, the man’s defense attorney has requested a suspended sentence for this man because of his age, claims a Queens Sex Crimes Lawyer. The question is, does a man who raped a small child belong on the streets, no matter how old he happens to be? A crime is a crime and this one is particularly distasteful, because it stripped away the innocence of a young child and changed her life forever. Should this man be given a lighter sentence because he has spent more time on this earth? If the old adage were true, that age brings wisdom with it, then this man should have learned a long time ago that sexual assault on a child is not one of the best decisions that he could have made.

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