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Charges Pending Against a Man in Subway Killings Reports a Bronx Criminal Lawyer

The number two train can be a dangerous place, much like any train that houses a man wielding a weapon. Charges against the man are pending but two other men are already in custody but charges have to be solidified. The arrest of the first man came four short days after the two victims were stabbed report a Bronx Criminal Lawyer.

Detectives at the Sixth Precinct station house are holding the suspects in this brutal stabbing, but authorities are not giving details of how the men were found. One group of men already on the train was headed toward Brooklyn about 5AM when another group of men boarded the train says a BrBronx Criminal Lawyer. The two groups exchanges words and then one man apparently hit another accidentally when tossing some trash toward a set of closing train doors. The fight began over something as simple as missing a trash can and two men, both 24-years-old were fatally stabbed report New York Criminal Lawyers.

The attacker and several of his friends exited the train at the Christopher Street station but the investigation has been difficult. The station is not equipped with surveillance cameras, which renders a big problem with security surrounding the subway system.

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