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City Official Resigns After Controversial Arrest for DWI


A city official stepped down from his position early Tuesday morning following his arrest earlier this month on DWI charges in a borough of New Jersey. His resignation was made official in the form of a letter to the mayor.

The former official faces not only the charges of driving while intoxicated, but a police report obtained by a New York Criminal Lawyer allege that the 67-year-old man also asked officers at the scene of his DWI to reduce his charges. He reportedly asked officers on the scene to speak with their superiors when they failed to recognize who he was.

Copies of the letter, were sent to the other council members, along with the township’s clerk, manager, and attorney. In the letter, the man said he enjoyed not only his service with the council, but also “working to provide the highest level of public service to the residents of the community.”

The former official was arrested on March 1, following a 7:45 p.m. traffic stop. He was initially stopped when a patrolman noticed he was speeding and driving recklessly, according to a police report given to a Queens Criminal Lawyer. The report also stated that the man “repeatedly stated ‘You know who I am!’” after being taken into custody.

“While processing him, he was adamant about me calling police officials on his behalf. He repeatedly told me that this wasn’t going to happen and that once I made these calls, he would be released with a couple points and a fine,” the report continues. “At one point, he asked me what I wanted out of this and what I wanted for this.”

The defendant is slated to appear in court April 6 to answer to charges. His resignation letter stated “Though the case is still pending, I think it is best that I resign my position on because I do not wish this situation to diminish or distract from the important work being done by the council or reflect negatively on the council’s past achievements.”

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