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Crash Kills Solitary Motorist

A single vehicle operated by a man 20 years of age rolled several times in the wee hours of the morning in a fatal crash. The driver was transported to a nearby hospital still alive. It was not long after his arrival there when the authorities pronounced the vehicle operator dead, a spokesperson informed a New York Criminal Lawyer.

There were two other people in the car at the time of the accident. They were both the same ages as the vehicle operator. The passengers were injured. No details about their injuries could be furnished to the NYC Criminal Lawyer. The men were treated at the same hospital where the vehicle operator was pronounced dead.

The vehicle operator was driving a newer, mid-sized vehicle. Witness statements and forensics clarified the nature of the car accident. The vehicle operator was driving when his steering became erratic and the vehicle went out of control. The lack of steering control caused the vehicle to move forcefully into an embankment. The vehicle bounced off of the embankment and glanced off a nearby utility services pole. The force of the blow to the vehicle caused the car to flip. The car came to a stop right-side up on all four of its wheels.

There was no information available as to the condition of the vehicle following the accident. It was not known if the passengers and the victim were properly fitted under their seatbelts. Authorities are verifying witness statements about how the accident occurred. No information is available at this time regarding the victim’s family or surviving members. Next of kin could not be located at the time this article went to press. There is no information available regarding the involvement of alcohol or drugs or driver impairment as possible causes of the accident. Inquiries are being made. There was no indication of faulty vehicle equipment or failures in vehicle brakes or tires as possible causes. It appears that the remaining investigation has a ways to go before a final report is filed on the matter.

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