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College Student Arrested for 22 Fake ID’s


A 20-year old college student has been arrested in Boulder, CO, for allegedly picking up a box that contained fake identifications, sources have told a New York Criminal Lawyer. The University of Colorado sophomore had allegedly gone to the local grocery store to pick up a box that had been delivered to the store bearing a friend’s name.

Although the young man initially told police that he simply got “caught in the middle” of his friend’s scheme to distribute fake ID’s, police soon discovered there was more to the story that what they were just told by the suspect. During a routine check for weapons, officers discovered the suspect’s wallet. Within the wallet was a fake id. This was all the arresting officers required in order to charge the youth with “suspicion of forgery, criminal possession of a forged instrument and unlawful acts,” police told the NY Criminal Lawyer.

Authorities were tipped off as to the contents of the package when the package was delivered to the a grocery store by UPS, and an employee opened the package by mistake. She discovered a total of 22 fake ID’s that were grouped in pairs for 11 people. Sources went on to inform a Staten Island Criminal Lawyer that although each of the ID’s did match a real person as well as their address, each of the ID’s listed the person as being at least 21 years of age.

Why the package was shipped to the grocery store rather than to one of the parties, is one question that the police may already have an answer. The youth has been at least partially cooperative with Boulder Police as they investigated during the arrest. His words were to the effect that since he had used the Western Union services at the grocery store to pay his friend for the ID’s, that his friend must have gotten the addresses confused when he shipped the fake ID’s. A critical error apparently.

The investigation is continuing and thus far, the police have not yet made any further arrests in this case. The 20-year old college sophomore has been released on bond.

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