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High School Shooting Puts Police on a Manhunt


Police in Nova Scotia have issued an arrest warrant for a 16-year old male they believe to be responsible for at least some of the shots that were fired at a high school this past Monday. The youth is facing multiple charges that include at least eight offenses involving possession of a weapon, and two counts of attempted murder. While Halifax police believe that only two persons, who have not been named thus far, were targeted by the youth, multiple gunshots were fired outside of the high school that the youth does not attend as a student.

Investigators have also learned that the shooting is believed to be a payback for another recent shooting of which a 16-year old was shot on Saturday, a New York Criminal Lawyer was informed. Police have confirmed they are exploring the possibility the two incidents are related.
While it is unusual for police to announce publicly information on a juvenile, a judge has given them five-days to announce his name and photograph publicly due to the nature of the incidents. The fact that the incident involved seemingly indiscriminate violence with a firearm at a school weighed heavily in the judge’s decision, sources. However, if police have not arrested the 16-year old within that five-day time period, the permission to use his name and photograph publicly will expire.

Within hours of the shooting, police had executed a search warrant at a home they believed the youth may be located, sources have confirmed to a Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer. While police did take two women in for questioning, they were released on Tuesday with no charges being filed.

Halifax police are asking that anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of this young man to notify the Halifax Police Dept, and are advising not to approach the youth if he is spotted and to notify the police immediately as he is considered armed and dangerous.

The school where the shooting took place was open on Tuesday morning as usual, only with an increased police presence in order to put students, parents, and teachers at ease. Sources say they will likely be there on Wednesday also.

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