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Congressman Condit’s Semen Found on Levy’s Underwear

A young intern, a popular Congressman. It is a scene out of movies, novels, and all too often real life as well. Perhaps it is a statement about the world we live in that simply mentioning a Congressman was involved in a sex scandal, one in which he allegedly cheated on his wife with one of his staff, is so vague that without more information the listener doesn’t know which Congressman is involved. This one is Gary Condit and the story is more juicy than many others because the intern is now dead, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer. Chandra Levy was a bright young face in the dark world of Washington D.C. politics. Everyone loved her and many were drawn towards her, including Condit. He began an illicit affair with the woman who was years his junior, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. And then she turned up dead. From the day forward, his life changed and his career was over.

Condit was never charged with her murder and in fact prosecutors believe he had absolutely nothing to do with her death. Instead, a man already in prison confessed to killing the pretty young girl and today that man is on trial for his life, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer. But, the sorted affair still haunts Condit. An FBI biologist testified during the trial today that Condit’s semen was found on Levy’s underwear, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. The testimony was likely there to help the defense team paint a picture of confusion and political intrigue. While Condit may be innocent of murder, his offensive behavior will forever follow him.

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