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Council Candidate Drives Drunk the night before he would have been sworn in


Felipe Hueso, San Diego City Council candidate spent the night in jail for allegedly driving drunk Monday night. Tests confirmed Hueso had a blood-alcohol level of .15, which is nearly double the legal limit of .08, New York Criminal Atorneys reported.

Before Hueso was pulled over, the arresting officer noticed he was driving his Jeep Wrangler with the outside off-road spotlights on. Legally the off-road lamps should be turned off when a vehicle drives down public and residential streets, according to New York Criminal Lawyers.

Minutes later the officer stopped the Wrangler and identified the driver as Felipe Hueso. Upon further investigation the officer suspected Hueso had been drinking and conducted a field sobriety test and followed it up downtown at the police headquarters with a Breathalyzer. The final test revealed the .15 percent blood-alcohol level, said New York Criminal Lawyers.

Hueso was booked and arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. Officers were unavailable for comment but all signs indicate Hueso was released on bail the next morning.

Hueso, after a long campaign, lost the District 8 race to David Alvarez on Nov. 2 of last year. Hueso’s goal was to replace his brother, Ben, on the council. He was arrested for drinking and driving on the very same day he would have been sworn-in had he won the position on the council. Ben Hueso was successfully sworn into the Assembly on Monday and reportedly celebrated with his family.

NYC Criminal Lawyers and police were unavailable for comment.

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