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Court denies Ex Mexican police officer


A federal immigration judge denied an ex-police officer from Mexico asylum, a New York City Criminal Lawyer reported. The officer fled drug violence from Juarez, Mexico.

The ex-police officer’s case was heard late November 2010. The hearing was closed to the public at a federal immigration court in Dallas.

The 27-year-old ex-police officer said he refused to be bought off by drug cartels. His decision resulted in a gun battle in a city across from El Paso, Texas. The gunfight occurred in 2008. It is unclear if the man’s attorney will appeal the court’s decision, a reporter was told.

The increase in violence has sent many Mexicans seeking peaceful American pastures through asylum. Records show that there has been an increase for asylums being requested, an observer said. Few asylum requests are granted. If an individual is granted asylum, the United States would provide a refuge for the people to protect them.

Death tolls in Mexico have skyrocketed as Mexican officials are fighting to put an end to drugs. Many drug cartels have control over police efforts and they create fear in citizens. Mexico military and federal agents have been fighting against their own because of the corruption amongst the law enforcement. The drug war has made loyalties of people involved clear.

The federal Executive Office for Immigration Review spokeswoman said that the Dallas judge wrote an opinion about the case and submitted a letter to the review board. A copy of the letter was not disclosed to the public or the media in Staten Island and Suffolk, informed a New York Criminal Lawyer.

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