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A convicted sex offender on trial for sex crimes inclluding: kidnapping & raping a child & keeping her captive for 18 years was expected to give a guilty plea – until his lawyer asserted the grand jury was improperly selected and acted inappropriately.


Huntington Beach goes under a transformation every night. During the day, it is a row of stucco building shops, where one can buy beach towels, sunglasses, surfboards, and other beach essentials. At night, the bartenders ply their trade, serving hard liquor under neon and black light.
Bartenders have explained about all the fights they’ve had to break up, or instances of throwing naked men out of their clubs. It has become almost common for a drunk to try to get into the wrong house, causing the police to answer calls for robbery – and the ‘robber’ turns out to be someone so intoxicated, he doesn’t recognize his own house.
All of this leads to a greater problem – Huntington Beach is first in victims killed and injured in traffic accidents related to alcohol, when it comes to cities of its size in California. There are only half as many DUI arrests in Irvine, a college town of about the same size.
New York Sex Crime Lawyers note there have been 1,419 DUI arrests in Huntington Beach in 2010 – a number that everyone agrees is far too high. The City Council has been taking steps to curb the problem, such as eliminating beer pong or drink minimums. Police have begun tracking where people have been drinking before arrest. They were soon able to narrow it down to a three-block area, then down to one bar in particular that had 72 arrests from January 2009 to October 2010, which is ahead of the other bars in the city.
The residents are fed up with the urination, defecation, sex acts, and thefts that occur as a result of the nightly debauchery. One Huntington Beach resident told NY City Criminal Lawyers that she’s had to deal with screeching tires, the occasional fight, and people throwing refuse from liquor into her yard. She lives two blocks from the main drinking area.
This resident, a 34-year-old woman, has learned never to plant anything nice in her garden. She planted purple tulips and waited six long months for them to sprout. The day after they emerged, they were uprooted.
“You can’t leave anything out because drunk people will steal it”.
It is terrible there says a New York Robbery Lawyer

Drinking to excess can cause a number of problems, and after the party’s over, the police and the courts may have to get involved. Fortunately, everyone has the right to tell their side of the story. Those who are interested in the best possible outcome for their trial will let a NY City Criminal Lawyer represent them when the time comes. You may have made a mistake that ended up drawing the attention of the law – don’t make a mistake with your legal counsel. Call a NY City Criminal Lawyer today.

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