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Court Rules on Rape Case


Sex crimes cases are the crimes that many wish would really go down in numbers these days. This is because majority of the victims of these cases are the women and the minors. This particular case is about Webster L. Chapman who was convicted of sex offenses that deal with a minor. The incidents happened last 2006 in the months of March and February. The victim involved was the cousin of the defendant who was 17 years old then. The rest of the convictions included vandalism acts in the home of Joan Osbourne who used to be the mother in law of Webster. It happened during the time when his former wife and three kids were still residing there.

According to the New York Criminal Lawyer who studied the case, there are no solid evidence presented for the convictions of rape he was accused of. The testimony of the victim did not straightly say that there were physical force dealt on her for it all started when she was just lying in bed and he started touching her in the most sensitive parts of her body. At first, the victim said that it was somehow consensual. But when the time came that she wanted to stop already, he forced himself on her still.

The victim also said to another NYC Criminal Lawyer who was part of the team that she has attempted to leave the house for a lot of times already but still returned on her own liking. She said that the accused can be way too loud and mean especially when it is under the influence of alcohol. There were also threats coming from Chapman on several occasions when she would refuse to have sex with her. If the court would just base its judgment from these testimonies, then it truly is not sufficient to win the case against the accused.

The victim also told a New York sex with minor defense lawyer that when she became drunk at one point, she ended up being in the room of Chapman where she first got into consensual sex again. But things changed when Chapman tried inserting a sex to in her most private part which she did not allow but still was forced on her. This could have been a solid testimony already but since the victim was still able to communicate despite her claim of being intoxicated was too weak for the case.

He also had threatened his ex-wife by cursing her and almost slitting her throat. It took one witness to attest all of these facts that he verbally abuses his wife. His roommate, Donald Palmer, also testified against him that he once told him of his plans to retaliate to his ex wife by spraying paint on the house of his mother in law, even if his own children are there. In the end, he was still found guilty of about 11 counts of the indictment.

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