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Court Rules on Sex Crimes Case


Whether or not the sex crime committed is way too harsh or not, it is important to handle it well especially with the help of an expert legal counsel. It is a fact that our modern society today is filled with a lot of sex crime offenders not just due to personal deficiencies but also triggered by the advance media especially with the onset of online technology. This particular case that was tackled by a New York rape lawyer can be very educational especially when you find it too difficult to understand such crimes committed.

The case involves a Mark S. as the appellant whose case was related to the Mental Hygiene Law article 10 by the court which handled it. He is considered to be a very dangerous sex offender that he was sent to a treatment facility for further observation. To add more, Mark also was convicted already in the past with two rape cases that involved him implementing force in touching three victims, all females. He was only 23 when he was charged rape right on the third degree already. According to a New York sex with minor defense lawyer, he was also guilty of endangering the life of a child for having sexual encounter with a minor female who was only 17 years old then or even younger than that.

The New York Criminal Lawyer who once helped in the case by gathering facts, the victim herself said that she consented on having a relationship with the accused. But things turned out differently when she was always forced to have sex with him even when there are times it was totally against her will. Of course, Mark pushed on the legalities of their relationship but the lawyers defended that it was still illegal. He also said that he has the knowledge she was 17 but not anymore younger than that.In another scenario, same accused was charged of touching an 18-year-old employee by force as he simply gabbed her most sensitive parts.

After the hearing of the case, the court perceived that he falls under the Mental Hygiene Law article 10 which involves getting him checked in inside a treatment facility. It was Joel Lord who handled all his examinations with the help of the Office of Mental Health. The results of all the tests all point out one thing that he has the appetite for sex with females who do not offer consent. The entire court then and the Nassau County Sex Crimes Lawyer who handled the case back then agree to the decision and findings that Mark is suffering from a mental sickness. In most of his cases, majority of those were nonconsensual all discovered by listening to the recounted facts shared by the victims. The court gathered up all the necessary opinions and findings done professionally to conclude that Mark truly needs help as to help him put a stop to his continuous acts of sex crimes.

It is possible for anyone of us to help our society lessen the sex crimes or abuse that most of our women and children are suffering from these days. We can start by checking out the assistance and guidance of the best Queens Sex Crime Lawyer. It is where you can find credible and all out assistance of the office of Stephen Bilkis & Associates. By helping each other out, we can make our society a better and safer place to live in.

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