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Crime Stories from the Blotter


In Queens, police are hunting for a serial sex predator finally caught on surveillance camera leaving a subway station in Flushing right before his last attack.
He is implicated in at least four attacks since September. Last September 22nd is when he’s believed to have first struck. He grabbed a 37-year-old woman from behind and sexually assaulted her. In December, his victim was a 27-year-old woman on Sanford Avenue. This woman was treated for injuries to her head and face.
His next attack was in February, against a 27-year-old woman on Bowe Street and his latest attack was on April 19, when he assaulted a 24-year-old woman on Colden Street. She was not badly injured. Right before the last attack, the suspect was seen on camera.
A drunk driver was arrested in midtown Manhattan after crashing his car into another vehicle, then jumping the curb to crash into a restaurant, police sources informed NYC Criminal Lawyers.
The 30-year-old driver was driving a 2008 Infiniti on Third Avenue when he rammed into a 2010 Lincoln SUV. He lost control of his car and drove onto the sidewalk, then into a building on Third Avenue, shattering a restaurant window. After the accident, he was arrested and charged with DUI. There were no serious injuries.
A Bronx man choked his ex-girlfriend, even as she held her baby in her arms, authorities told NYC Criminal Lawyers. The 20-year-old suspect pushed the woman and her 6-month-old baby into a bed and began strangling her while the baby cried.
“If you touch the door, this time I won’t hold back!” he allegedly told her.
The victim barely managed to remain conscious and suffered injuries on her neck and broken blood vessels under her eyelids, according to police. The suspect was arrested and charged with strangulation, assault and endangering the welfare of a child.
In Brooklyn, a gunman fired shots on a Flatbush street. One man was killed before the suspect fled the scene.
The 23-year-old victim was standing outside a building on Linden Boulevard at about 11 at night when he was shot in the chest. He was taken to Kings County Hospital where he was pronounced dead

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