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Charges of Domestic Violence Lead to Nicolas Cages’ Arrest


Nicolas Cage was recently arrested on suspected domestic violence and disturbing the peace. The famous movie actor faced charges in New Orleans, reported a Manhattan Criminal Lawyer. The charges stemmed from an incident at a tattoo parlor late Friday evening. The actor and his wife were involved commotion outside the establishment. It is possible that one or both of them were under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

A witness reported that he was aware of the incident, but did not personally see any domestic violence. The tattoo shop where the incident took place did not have any further information about the incident for the public. The shop was avoiding any contact with the media but the shop and its employees were cooperating with police on the matter. In The Bronx and Westchester County, lawyers are asked to defend people accused of domestic violence and must do so with knowledge of the law in those areas.

Other witnesses that spoke to the media said that they felt the incident was not worthy of being headline news. The witnesses felt that while there certainly was a disturbance on Friday evening, the event was more of an argument than an arrest worthy incidence of domestic violence. There were several surveillance tapes from the store and nearby homes which will provide further evidence of the actual events that took place that evening, a Manhattan Criminal Lawyer explained.

Police records show that Nicolas Cage was released on a bond from jail. His court appearance is scheduled for later next month. Because of Nicolas Cage’s celebrity status, the case made national news and will be closely followed when he reports to court next month.

The case has moved further into the celebrity realm as the star of Dog The Bounty Hunter was the one who posted bail for Nicolas Cage. The TV star has told the media that he is acting solely in a professional capacity and not providing services to Cage in order to promote his show.

The case will be heavily influenced by the evidence provided by the tapes and eye witnesses, a Manhattan Criminal Lawyer said. As in many of these cases, it is possible that a deal will be reached with Cage before the scheduled court date.

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