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Dead Student Mourned Following Accident


A Midwestern university community is in mourning after the death of an undergraduate coed. Authorities reported that she died in a car accident near Columbus, Ohio. The situation involved one other vehicle, a van, which crossed three lanes of traffic and plowed into the young woman’s car after going over a median and the exit ramp of a major interstate highway.

The driver of the van is 19 years old. The accident the old coed who was on her way home for spring break. The female student was in her second year of college studying education. Authorities reported to an Manhattan Criminal Lawyer that the male driver had his attention from his driving while speaking on his mobile phone. The distraction caused him to lose control of his van.

The country highway patrol revealed to a New York Criminal Lawyer that the male driver was headed northbound in a company-owned cargo van. The female driver was pulling out of a rest area when the out-of-control van crossed three lanes of traffic, a median, then hit her car. The female victim was driving a Pontiac sedan. The male driver was uninjured following the collision. The female crash victim died at a nearby hospital after being transported by first responders from the scene of the accident.

The county prosecutor’s office is still studying the case to determine if charges will be brought against the male driver. It has been reported that the county highway patrol is recommending that charges be filed against the male driver.

The female victim was highly thought of by her teachers at the university and her roommate. There was not any information available at press time regarding her surviving family members. Her roommate said that her friend who died would be missed because she was one of the best women she had ever known.

The exact cause of death was not noted in the accident report. It was assumed by investigating officers that the high rate of speed the van traveled at in order to cross the median and three lanes of traffic must have been high. The impact marks on the female victim’s car suggested as much.

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