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Defendant charged with Bribing Witness Not to Testify


Nothing can be more painful when the ones who have done the sexual crime is one of our loved ones. It all makes it worse when the victims belong in our family too. This is what a New York sex crimes lawyer wants to share to us with this case of Orlando Roman. He was accused of bribing his ex-wife to not testify in court with regards to his case of abusing his own four year old kid. Janet Roman is the mother of the kid who filed a complaint to the police about his bribe offer to not testify about the sex abuse of their own child.

Roman was offered about $15,000 for the agreement to not testify in the grand jury hearing. She questioned first about the sex abuse and rape case but he did not say anything about it. A New York Criminal Lawyer said that Roman said if the money be taken he would transfer to another state and move away from them. He almost promised that he would never be seen again as part of the incentive. He also said that the victim was just coached and that he did not do anything that have intentionally hurt the victim.

As per the findings of an expert Manhattan Criminal Lawyer, the conversation recorded would be heard out in a separate trial but it will not be admitted as part of the counts of child sex abuse whether it is consolidated or not. But such can take a big part too in the process of proving the accused guilty of the sexual abuse crime he is confronting. Money truly is played dirty just to be able to buy your freedom out or the justice that others deserve.

To go away from the victim and the family affected is not the solution to the crime that Orlando Roman has been accused of doing. It is such an unacceptable act to even abuse your own kid or any loved one and family member according to a New York sex with minor defense lawyer. This is one reason why sex crimes are considered to be one of the most sensitive types of cases to deal with in court and other legal proceedings.

This is not just because of the reason that terms are very sensitive and adult oriented, but because of the overall fact that it can sometimes involve our own loved ones in the case, especially when the kids are the victims of sexual abuse, rape, and endangering the welfare of a child. Hence, it is very important that we step ahead just in case we encounter such scenarios. And with such cases, we can depend much on the help and assistance of Stephen Bilkis & Associates.

All you have to do is contact them even if you are still in the phase of merely inquiring. It will not hurt if you would openly ask questions about any legal ordeal that you need to overcome especially when it is sex crime related. If you want to fight for your right and your freedom to live in peace, then it is a must to get a lawyer whom you can easily talk to and trust.

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