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Court Rules on Sex Crimes Case


Sex crime related cases come in unique stories of its own according to a well versed New York sex crime lawyer who has been practicing his profession for many years now. Here we talk about the case of Mustafa Rashid who was once charged for robbery, burglary, rape and sodomy. He was sentenced to eight to 16 years but was given a supervised parole after having served 11 years inside prison. After this release, unfortunately, he got into another robbery trouble again which just made everything worse for his case.

As per the facts gathered by a New York Sex Crimes Lawyer, he was sent back to prison for the violations he made. He was then again released and yet created a crime again. This happened over and over as it is one big cycle to play. He was even sent to Rikers Island where he would spend his time in a correctional facility. In this case, another lawyer involved in the research who is a New York child pornography lawyer as well believes that Rashid falls under the category of the Mental Hygiene Law. This could not work for those who are already serving their sentence but with an exception to those whose sentences have expired like Rashid.

The court then as heard by a Nassau County Sex Crimes Lawyer took the decision to send him to a treatment facility or hospital as per the Mental Hygiene Law article 9. This involves the law that any person who is mentally ill should go through proper treatment so as to not harm the society. This is just the right thing to do especially for people like Rashid who just cannot seemingly control himself from doing such crimes that hurt others and put others’ lives at risk.

Above all the many cases that happen in our immediate environment these days, it is the sex crimes that are somehow most threatening. This is especially true when the victims are usually the helpless women and minors. Such criminal offenses should just deserve to come with its own ramifications like being isolated from the entire society or registering for treatment. According to a New York sex with minor defense lawyer, there is no better time but now to act on such cases and do not stay quiet for the benefit of the coming generations of our own children.

Everyone should be truly informed and be well assisted especially with the reliable Queens Sex Crimes Lawyers from the office of Stephen Bilkis & Associates. You would be completely guided through if you would not hesitate to ask for their assistance and learn more on how they can help you win your case or that of your loved ones. They can surely represent you whatever is the type of sex crime case you are to win over.

All of our lawyers are well versed with such cases considering a long period of background working on the same cases with almost the same elements. If you are searching for committed and sound legal proceedings, then you would not be frustrated with them. Always take a lawyer who will not be passive and instead represent a fighter’s approach to the case you are fighting for. To be a sex offender can cause so much embarrassment to your whole being. But this is not enough for those who have harmed the women and children out there who are totally harmless. Know more about the details of each element of such cases and from there you can be sure to be fully equipped in fighting your own case.

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