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Defendant Deemed Mentally Unstable


Many sex crimes are committed by those who are not just merely in their normal state of minds. Majority of those who are offenders of such are usually found out to be of unstable. In this particular case discussed, the accused is hidden by the initials of P.H. He was seen first at a rooftop looking over a woman while masturbating and using cocaine. The victim was sleeping at that time when the suspect went inside her apartment and harassed her before he went out with the victim’s purse.

P.H. had a wide background of doing the act of public masturbation before. With this, the court is convinced that he is an exhibitionist and very much dependent on the use of cocaine. Even if he was placed on SIST, it still showed that he had a wide history too of burglary and trespassing. A witness that was called to stand for this case was Officer Ramirez. According to the Officer, P.H. was guilty of still doing these acts even after his release from 2009 and his placement on SIST. The masturbation in public places that he caught P.H. for were done in bathroom stalls that were enclosed.

With the help of a New York Criminal Lawyer, it was also discovered that he was fired from his messenger job. He was not able to explain the reason behind his termination but it was all revealed during one group counseling session. This happened due to a dispute over Metrocards issuance. Another witness was Ms. Smith who caught him taking pictures of her under her skirt with the use of his cellphone. But somehow, in the public place, P.H. made it appear that the victim was the one stealing his phone.

Dr. Field was the one who diagnosed P.H.’s case and that he finds the patient truly positive of what the court has finalized on. Another doctor by the name of Dr. Katsavdakis said that he was not able to complete the programs of therapy meant for him when he was still in custody. This led the doctor to conclude that P.H. is prone to doing things without having to reflect on the consequences that he has to face afterwards.

In reality, a Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer thinks that P.H. has lost a lot of control and freedom in his life due to his own doings. He even committed a sex crime again just hours after his supervised parole. All these led the court to be sure of their findings that he is mentally abnormal due to the strong urge to commit sex crimes over and over. This would lead him to become confined for further treatment under a very strict supervised environment.

If you do not want such sex crimes to prevail in our society, then it is only with the help of a reliable lawyer that we can educate ourselves more on such cases. Whether you have been charged with child pornography, a theft crime or drug possession, ith the help the legal team from the office of Stephen Bilkis & Associates, you can be sure that such sex offenders would not anymore hurt or harm others in the future the same way they did in the past. It is only with the assistance of experts that we can get to understand the intricacies and sensitivities of such sex crime cases happening within our communities.

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