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Court Rules on Endangering Life of a Child Charges


Sex crimes vary a great deal in details and the people involved in it according to a long time New York sex crime lawyer. When such crimes happen, it does not just involve men and women for it could also involve some homosexuals who are usually convicted as pedophiles. A certain case that can further explore similar details is that of Thomas Gutierrez. There was a single incident that a person he once invited to see a movie complained of sexual abuse. The other New York rape lawyers who were involved in dealing with the case referred to him as a human predator.

It was found out by another expert New York Crimnal Lawyer that Gutierrez keeps movie tickets as some kind of souvenir and memorabilia of those he abuses inside the theaters. In fact, his exact term was ‘trophy’ for a certain night which somehow means a different night out with another minor, specifically children. The way the prosecutors gave their questions was justified especially with how Gutierrez invited persistently the victims and it was fully emphasized that he is an adult already with the victims being young individuals.

As with another New York Criminal Lawyer who did a close study on the case questioned whether there was improper touching done by the accused to the victims. The complainant said that the defendant tried to put his hands on his pants but this was of course denied by Gutierrez. There may have not been enough proof but the level of guilt that the defendant showed was too overwhelming. Every credible lawyer therefore agrees with the overall judgment of the court that he did sexual abuse and has endangered the life of a child.

There is even no need any more for a new trial for the details would just be reviewed over and over again, the same as before. It is important thought that a more thorough investigation was made not just to prove Thomas truly guilty but also know how much he has reached with his consistent crime. Could there be already a wide collection of movie tickets that he has collected? How come his past victims never had the guts to complain? Did he pay or threaten them? With the help of the ticket collection, could there be a certain pattern traced so that the rest of the minors in the community can be further protected from such an offender?

It can be truly hard to decide on a case especially when there are not any solid evidences which should arise. There should also be a good number of witnesses and complainants who would testify against one person. This is one reason why Thomas was still fighting for his freedom with the considerable lack of evidence which was required by the court. But it was good the overall decision still led to the protection of the complainant and the rest of the minors in the society.

There is always a competent New York Llawyer who can certainly help you in understanding the details of these cases and eventually allow you to win it through a very fair trial, whether you have been charged with a sex crime, drug possession crime or theft charge. There are enough New York rape lawyers who can offer you assistance straight from the office of Stephen Bilkis & Associates. With every case won, you just do not fight for your rights and your total freedom but also for the utmost protection of the rest of the minors in society especially from such abusive adults like the common pedophiles and other sex offenders.

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