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Disturbing reports are very common particularly domestic violence issues wherein the victims are the wives and the children.


Because women are suppose to be physically weak there are some men who take advantage of this and physically abuse their partners, wives, daughters and others. Disturbing reports are very common, particularly domestic violence issues where the victims are the wives and the children.

On March 7, 1997, the defendant who is the ex-boyfriend of the victim attacked her in front of her apartment. She and her three daughters where coming home from the supermarket when the defendant attacked from behind. The victim then was wheeling the baby carriage when the attack began and her two older daughters who were 7 and 12 years old were frightened by what they saw and began to cry. The victim’s face smashed against the fence and the baby carriage was knocked over. The defendant was very angry because the victim filed a complaint against him previously and put him in jail apparently because of domestic violence.

The defendant then grabbed the victim by the back and neck and ordered her to open the door knocking her head on the door in the process. The children followed behind, the older children carrying the baby inside. Upon entering the apartment, it is very fortunate that the children know where they will go. They went straight to their bedroom and stayed there while the defendant continuously assaulted the victim. They could hear him verbally abused their mother. The defendant also beat the victim using his hands, feet and a metal pipe. The defendant’s terror lasted 10 hours. The horror that the children experienced while they were trapped inside their bedroom has left them traumatized for a long time. They were afraid for their safety and afraid for their mother’s safety as well. All along the defendant was threatening the victim that he will leave her children motherless because of what she did to him before.

After a long time the victim finally got the chance to sneak out. She ran frantically to the nearest phone and called the police. The police arrested the defendant and filed charges of domestic violence against him. He also endangered the safety of his victim’s children. He also exposed them to the horrors of domestic violence.

The defendant was charged by the court with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and intimidating a victim or a witness according to a Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer. He was also charged with menacing and a number of felonies related to the order of protection.

What the victim and her children experienced is a terrible situation that can haunt them for a very long time. The effect on the children of domestic violence has been documented for over two decade. The effects of such action or experience on them have already been established as very destructive and can affect how they see their life inside their home. The feeling of constant fear hinders their healthy well being.

It is just very fortunate that a New York Criminal Lawyer can understand what it feels like to be in a situation of fear and violence. They understand that in times like these fear is the worst enemy of all. They encourage everyone suffering from domestic violence, abuse or a sex crime to come out and tell their stories.

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