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Landlord Running Over Tenant


Taking the law into one’s own hands is never the best way to handle a situation. People tend to get hurt and once the actual legal system gets involved the process may become overwhelming. If you find yourself in a situation in which taking the law into your own hands has become an issue. If this landlord had simply waited to see what was going to happen, perhaps this would not have escalated into assault.

Though the case has been forwarded to prosecutors, no charges have been filled as of yet. The 73 year old owner of the duplex in which the tenant lived ran over a man he said was standing behind his vehicle and refusing to move. West Fargo police state that Cass County prosecutors may charge the vehicle driver with aggravated assault. The tenant remains hospitalized and has been unable to speak to detectives following his injuries. In fact it is likely that the hospitalized man will not be able to speak to detectives for several more days. A rep would be a good avenue to pursue for this landlord.

The landlord told reporters that he felt threatened and scared by some man standing in the road who would not move. The landlord then states he saw another person coming up behind his vehicle and the fear was magnified. This all took place around 7:15 P.M. in the 600th block of Second Avenue West while the landlord sat in his Hummer.

Witnesses share a different story as two separate people state that the landlord struck the tenant on purpose, knowing where he was and who he was. Though he should probably hire a person for representation it does not appear the landlord has retained representation. This may be because no formal charges have been filed, but a rep should still be considered.

The landlord states that he will contest any charges that may be filed. He also adamantly says that he feared for his safety and did not purposely run over his tenant with his Hummer. It can be assumed that the landlord’s vision will be questioned as well as a history of disputes or arguments between the tenant and landlord. Witnesses will also play a large part in the decision of whether or not the prosecution is going to pursue this case as criminal.

If you find yourself in a position in which criminal charges are likely or pending, then contact a New York Criminal Attorney immediately. No one should stand alone in a courtroom and a New York Criminal Attorney will offer the best defense possible.

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