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Drunk Driver in Fort Worth, Texas is Apologetic for Highway Fatality


Interstate 30 in Fort Worth, TX, was the scene of a horrific crash on March 28, that left one man dead and another man in jail accused of killing him. Shortly after about 2:30 a.m. is when local 911 operators began receiving calls of a pickup truck traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes. Within a matter of moments after those calls to 911 that the driver of that pickup truck slammed head-on into a tanker truck that had just been filled with fuel to deliver to local businesses.
As a result, of that crash, the tanker truck burst into flames and the resulting fireball rose up into the Texas night sky and could be seen for miles. The 45-year old tanker truck driver, husband and father of three children, reportedly died immediately as his truck was engulfed in flames. The driver of the pickup truck survived the crash and was allegedly charged with DWI along with a variety of other crminal charges. He was transported to the local hospital for treatment, and arrested soon after for suspicion of drunk driving.
While there can never be a valid reason to drive after you have been drinking alcoholic beverages, the suspected drunk driver has expressed genuine remorse for his actions. He was informed of what he had done by one of the local television news crews, he has apologized repeatedly for what he did and while it can never bring back the man that he allegedly killed, he has apologized to the truck driver’s family. There is a question on whether or not the driver will be charged a murderDuring his interviews with police and also with reporters, the suspected drunk driver has stated that all he remembers is that he drank 10 beers at a bar. He has stated that he has no memory of getting into his pickup truck and driving, or in how he wound up traveling the wrong direction on I-30 that night.
The blaze was so intense that firefighters allowed the fuel to burn almost completely before making any attempts at extinguishing it. The fire was so hot that it literally melted sections of concrete and steel in the bridge’s structure. The Texas DOT estimates that repairs to the bridge will take months since everything will have to be custom manufactured for the bridge.
The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is also investigating as to whether the bar that served the suspected drunk driver did so after he was already intoxicated. If it is determined that if they served a man who was already intoxicated, then the owner could lose his liquor license, and he could also be faced with a prison sentence.

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