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Former Teen Star enter plea in DUI case


A Police Officer told a New York Criminal Lawyer about the DUI incident with celebrity and former teen star, David Cassidy, who was a singer and actor during the 1970s. The Police Officer indicated that the star is assumed to be ready to enter a please of guilty. He also have the option of entering a please of no contest. The sentencing hearing took place a few months after the incident and David Cassidy was charged with a DUI not drug possession.
The Police Officer indicated that on the day of the sentencing, the Judge declared a postponement of the sentencing. However, his lawyer opted to have him enter a plea in written format for the DUI charges against him. The police report indicated that Mr. Cassidy could not stay in his lane and when stopped, the police found open alcohol containers in his vehicle, which was in violation of the law.
The Police Officer explained to the NY Criminal Lawyer, “David Cassidy was allowed to not appear at the hearing because it was a misdemeanor charge and his lawyer would stand on his behalf and enter the plea for him. “
Reporters were anticipating that David Cassidy would have appeared at the sentencing hearing, but they were highly disappointed. David Cassidy lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and he was driving on the highway on a November evening, when the police pulled him over. His car had veered off the road and he almost caused a crash with the other vehicle behind him. He failed the breathalyzer test. Cases like Cassidy’s are common in places like Brooklyn and The Bronx.

Even celebrities can fail to use proper judgment, and sometimes those failings will require the assistance of a New York Criminal Attorney. But you don’t have to be famous to receive the expertise and skill of a New York Criminal Attorney. Call today and schedule an appointment.

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