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Drunk Driver Kills in Crash


A New York Criminal Lawyer reports about a fatal accident which occurred on Monday morning on Interstate 30. This crash has claimed the lives of a loving father and left a family devastated. It has also seen the wrong way driver locked up behind bars, and severe damage to the highway which will need to be repaired.
The driver responsible for the accident has apologized for killing the man and being irresponsible by driving when drunk.
The New York Criminal Lawyer said that the police were alerted about the drunk driver at 2:30 AM. 911 calls to the police department reported that the driver was traveling on the wrong side of the road.
A few minutes after these reports, the car crashed into a tanker truck. The driver of this truck – a father – lost his life.
The drunk driver has escaped with nothing more than a few stitches over the top of his eye. However, he feels guilty that he has caused a family such a tragic loss. DWI is considered a serious crime in jurisdictions like Manhattan and Queens.
The truck driver phoned his wife a couple of hours before the accident. He said that he only had a few more delivers that he needed to do before he would come home.
The court reports, obtained by the New York Criminal Lawyer, state that the drunk driver remembers drinking at least 10 beers. However, he doesn’t actually remember getting behind the wheel. He said that nobody could have stopped him from getting into the car.
He also has no memory of getting onto the interstate, and he doesn’t remember driving the wrong way down the highway.
The accident caused a fireball. This was frightening for onlookers and also caused extensive damage to the road. The heat warped metal supports under a bridge. It’s expected that repairs can take around five months to complete. It will take so long to complete because the steel beams need to be manufactured from scratch, and a new concrete road will need to be laid on top.
Two lanes on the westbound carriageway are due to re-open on Monday night. However, the rest of the lanes will remain out of operation for quite some time. This goes to show that drunk driving has serious consequences for everyone

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