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Man Arrested and Facing Rape Charges

Gig Harbor police have arrested a 46-year old man on suspicion of rape. Although the suspect has not yet been formally charged, which is why police are not releasing his name at this time, he was arrested after being interviewed by police after they were informed of the assault.
A New York City Criminal Lawyer has learned that the rape victim is a 37-year old Asian woman, who reportedly has a developmental disability. The suspect frequently visited a neighboring apartment and had undoubtedly seen and possibly spoken to the victim prior to the alleged rape. It should come as no surprise then that the suspect likely knew of the victim’s disability.
The alleged sexual assault reportedly occurred Sunday March 13 at approximately 1 p.m. The 37-year old woman apparently notified police soon after the suspect had allegedly left her apartment. Police were dispatched to the woman’s apartment shortly after she had notified them of the alleged rape. The suspect was still on the property when the police arrived. Officers questioned the man about the allegations the woman had made about the alleged rape. While the details of that interview are currently unknown, at some point during that interview, officers took the suspect into custody and booked him into the Pierce County Jail. Sex Crimes like this are prosecuted with vigor in Brooklyn and Staten Island.
The fact that police have not yet charged the 46-year old male, yet have him in custody is not unusual, the NYC City Criminal Lawyer was told. While the investigation is ongoing, the police are taking several factors under consideration. For instance, rape is a very serious crime, and can be devastating not only to victims, but also to those who may have been accused of the crime falsely. Police must walk that delicate balance to not only keep the perpetrators of such crimes incarcerated, but also to protect the victims from further attacks and reprisals that may occur once a rapist has been identified. Once the Gig Harbor investigators have discovered the facts in this case, either they will ask the district attorney to file charges in this case, or they will release the suspect.

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