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DUI Crash Causes Major Injuries


According to a report obtained two individuals have been severely injured when they were involved in a traffic accident. The driver which caused the accident was drunk and well over the legal limit. Because of this the crash was completely preventable.

The report states that two people were involved in a head on crash while traveling on highway 46 on Saturday. The car was travelling west along highway 46 when he crossed into the lane heading east. The police believe he was over the safe drink driving limit and should not have been behind the wheel. Cars were forces to swerve to avoid the car which was driving on the wrong side of the highway at speed. However, the drunk driver continued driving on the wrong side of the road very quickly.Thus, the allegation of DWI
Two of the people in the cars which were hit by the drunk driver were trapped inside. These needed fire services to help free them from their vehicle. Removing the drives from their vehicles was time consuming because of their severe injuries. The injured drivers could not be moved suddenly because it was not clear exactly which types of injuries they had. If the people were moved too quickly then this could have caused extensive injuries including back problems.

Both of the divers were taken by ambulance to Twin Cities Hospital where they received initial medical treatment. When the true extent of their injuries became clear the drivers were then transferred to Fresno area hospital by helicopter for surgery to deal with their injuries. The surgery was a success and the two drivers who were injured in the crash made a good recovery.

The drunk driver was arrested for DUI when he was in a stable condition. He was charged with driving while intoxicated. It is very lucky that this accident wasn’t any worse. It would have been quite easy for someone to of died as a result of this accident. It’s a good reminder of the reasons why people should never get behind the wheel after having a drink.

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