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According to a report obtained two individuals have been severely injured when they were involved in a traffic accident. The driver which caused the accident was drunk and well over the legal limit. Because of this the crash was completely preventable.

The report states that two people were involved in a head on crash while traveling on highway 46 on Saturday. The car was travelling west along highway 46 when he crossed into the lane heading east. The police believe he was over the safe drink driving limit and should not have been behind the wheel. Cars were forces to swerve to avoid the car which was driving on the wrong side of the highway at speed. However, the drunk driver continued driving on the wrong side of the road very quickly.Thus, the allegation of DWI

Two of the people in the cars which were hit by the drunk driver were trapped inside. These needed fire services to help free them from their vehicle. Removing the drives from their vehicles was time consuming because of their severe injuries. The injured drivers could not be moved suddenly because it was not clear exactly which types of injuries they had. If the people were moved too quickly then this could have caused extensive injuries including back problems.

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When an officer stops someone who is clearly intoxicated – smelling of alcohol, failing sobriety tests, and so forth, but refuses to allow a blood alcohol test, a police officer doesn’t really have much to go on. The officer will have to get a judge’s order to test the driver before the alcohol is gone.

Today, an officer can turn to Skype for help. Once such officer, in Palm Bay Florida, has used Skype five times between January and April of 2011, calling a judge with the internet video conferencing software.

“I typed up the warrant and connect with the judge using Skype while (the suspect) was still in the car,” the officer told New York Criminal Law Offices. It was his idea to use technology to speed up a search warrant for blood from drivers who are stopped on suspicion of impaired driving.

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A Longhorns basketball player was arrested by Austin police for driving while intoxicated. The Longhorns coach has suspended the player indefinitely until the matter is cleared. It is unknown how long it will take for the judicial system to pass its judgment and what the consequences will be for the basketball player, reports a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer.

The player was set to play in a game against Iowa State University, but was suspended and unable to play. A spokesperson for the Longhorn’s does not know when the suspension will end and does not know when the coach will address the issue. In the meantime, the Longhorns will continue to play their best in upcoming games.

Even though the player has been arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, a trial and evidence such as breathalyzer test or testimony from arresting officers are necessary to determine if the player broke any laws. The coach still saw fit to suspend the player however until a legal outcome is presented. The Longhorn’s coach is not commenting much on the events surrounding the player’s driving while intoxicated charge and is instead waiting until more information becomes available, says a NYC Criminal Lawyer. The player may be asked to return to the game after taking a few games off or the player may be suspended for the rest of the season.

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A man was recently taken into custody in Mesa, AZ on charges of drunk driving and child endangerment. On February 21, the 23-year-old Mesa native had allegedly been drinking on and off throughout the day; when police apprehended him he was found to have a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of .16, which is twice the legal limit in the state of Arizona. New York Criminal Lawyers have seen similar circumstances on frequent occasions, where a person makes unwise decisions under the influence of alcohol.

Besides the obvious irresponsibility of driving under the influence of alcohol, this rather youthful man was also charged for an odd situation within the vehicle itself: not only had he endangered four children by having them in the car along with him, but a further three children were discovered in the trunk of the car. Upon questioning, the man responded that he had taken the children to a birthday party and could only fit all seven of them by placing the three in the trunk. Though circumstantial evidence and child endangerment were charged to the man, New York Criminal Lawyers recognize the right of a fair trial by jury for every individual facing such charges, in keeping with our Constitution and democratic governmental policies.

DWI is a serious crime in Long Island and The Bronx. MADD is very active on the Island and demands serious penalties for infractions.

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A woman was just charged with DUI manslaughter charges for a wreck that happened recently, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. The woman, who was only 20 at the time of the accident, was driving while under the influence of alcohol. Her breathalyzer tested .154, which is almost twice the legal limit allowed. Other criminal charges might be pending due to the level of her intoxication and underage status. She was not injured in the accident but the passenger in the car was killed. Cases like this are handled by local lawyers when they occur in Manhattan and Long Island.

The passenger in the car was a 22 year old male. It is not known what his blood alcohol level was or why he was not driving the car. The accident occurred when the driver of the vehicle left a bar and was traveling down a highway. She thought she was being followed by a car and claims she ran off the road when she took her eyes away from the road to look behind her. She veered and struck the pole on the passenger side of the car. No other car matching her description was found in the area.

A blood test also showed the woman had amphetamines in her system, but the exact drug was not listed. If there were illegal drugs in her system, there may be more criminal charges filed against her, according to a New York City Criminal Lawyer. She is currently awaiting a court date to determine her sentence. It is not known if this is her first offense on a DUI charge. If so, she might pay fines and a jail sentence.

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The police department in Seattle has launched a major internal investigation into the alleged mishandling of dozens of drunken-driving cases by members of the department’s DWI Squad, according the initial reports. This means some cases will have to be placed on hold while the investigation goes on, a Long Island Criminal Lawyer explained.

A local attorney made a statement that his criminal division will go over recent and past driving-under-the-influence (DWI) cases to figure out if they may be affected by the police investigation.

Sources familiar with the matter and later confirmed by the department states that there were arrest warrants that weren’t properly filed and investigated. Moreover, it is believed that illegal searches of vehicles focused on locating guns, drugs and other contraban, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer.

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