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End of Year Crime Runs the Gamut From Mundane to Bizarre


The beginning of 2011 was marked by a predictable yet interesting upsurge in crimes of all kinds, from the mundane to the bizarre, according to reports from one New York Criminal Lawyer. The past two weeks have seen an increase of petty shoplifting incidents, theft and robberies. Along the roadways there were hundreds more injuries and deaths than normal; injuries caused by drinking and driving, hit and run accidents, and driving under the influence of drugs.

Brutal attacks have picked up recently; incidents like the woman in a Kansas City, MO grocery store on New Years Day who not only threatened to kill a woman after an argument, but then proceeded to mow the woman down with her vehicle going 45 mph outside the store. The victim was rushed to a hospital and remains there with serious injuries to the head. This surge in New Years violence is typical of this time of year, the New York Criminal Lawyer reported. This is an unfortunate sign of the times.

In addition to crime, the incidence of strange and odd events are occurring more frequently, reports the New York Criminal Lawyer. Birds are having a tough year so far. In Arkansas, Holiday fireworks were touted as the cause of death for about 55 thousand blackbirds. Apparently the huge flock was traveling and the explosions scared them and they became disoriented. It was reported that the birds began crashing into each other and everything else; cars, homes, trees and people. Three days later in Louisiana, thousands more birds apparently died because of power lines. The New Year always brings out the strangest and the worst in people as much as it brings out the excitement of starting a new cycle.

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