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Ex-Prosecutor Attempts to Have Case Thrown Out


An attorney, formerly a prosecutor in the Bronx, has been charged with DWI, but now he sees a way to have his case possibly thrown out, according to NY City Criminal Lawyers. The officer who caught him may well be charged herself for ticket fixing. Instead of the attorney being punished, she might end up in trouble herself.
The officer was caught by authorities on wiretap in an attempt to fix tickets for a relative and a friend. Still prosecutors say the officer, a seven-year veteran of NYPD, will not face any criminal charges of her own. That does not mean she won’t suffer punishment from her department, however.
She admitted to fixing the ticket and she’s not the only one under suspicion for the same. This means every ticket they handed out is suspect, which puts an aspect of extreme uncertainty into hundreds of criminal cases throughout New York City, including that of the attorney who was once an assistant DA.
The 29-year-old officer arrested the attorney in 2006 as he drove home from a Christmas party. At that point, he had already left the Bronx DA’s office to pursue his own private practice.
Once it was discovered the attorney’s arresting officer was part of the ticket-fixing scandal, the motion was made to have the case dismissed. As of yet, the outcome of the motion is unknown.
The officer admitted she tried to get assistance from a union delegate so she could erase two citations for speeding. This was the first time in the case that anyone was actually named.
“I asked my PBA delegate… if he could fix a summons that my boyfriend’s cousin had received and another summons that my mom had received,” she said at the hearing, according to NY City Criminal Lawyers.
According to the officer, the tickets, one in Queens and the other in Manhattan, were indeed removed. “She didn’t have to pay,” the officer said, regarding her mother. “That’s how the ticket got fixed.”
It remains to be seen whether the attorney’s motion to have the case dismissed will be accepted by the judge. If it is, other cases may take a similar path.

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