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Reports are indicating that golf pro, Tiger Woods, may have a new girlfriend. What makes this so significant to a New York Criminal Lawyer is that this young lady was arrested on a DWI charge in Orlando, FL, last year. This story was just broke this past Sunday and has been making its way around many of the news outlets this week.

The DWI arrest came after the 22-year old rear-ended a truck and caused it to roll. During her interview with the Orlando police officers who responded to the crash, she stated that she had not had any sleep for about four days and that all she had eaten in two days was an apple. She also admitted that about six hours before the collision that she only had two “tiny” glasses of wine, sources told a NY Criminal Attorney.

As part of the officer’s investigation, he asked the suspect what her level of intoxication was on a scale of zero to 10 with zero being sober, and her response was (expletive) 10. Her blood alcohol concentration measured at almost three times the legal limit at .21. A Bronx Criminal Lawyer was also informed that she was also barefoot during her sobriety tests and had difficulty in maintaining her balance. There was at least one point during the sobriety test that she exclaimed to the officer that she could not do it. She was arrested and charged with DWI with property damage or personal injury. The charges would be downgraded later to reckless driving.

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A report commented on how a model police detective, a professional with a sterling arrest record and meritorious conduct record, disappointed his community and his co-workers when he was arrested for DWI last week. The detective was arrested after officers noticed his erratic driving while operating an unmarked police vehicle. Charged with drunk driving on Friday night and arrested, the detective was arraigned in Albany court on Monday, but would not comment on his case. The detective is the spokesperson for the local police department and reporters are accustomed to his detailed reports on crimes for which arrests have been made or verdicts been given by the local court.

Residents were not pleased with the conduct of one of their local heroes. Most of their responses had to do with disappointment over the hypocrisy involved in the detective’s behavior. One woman said she was disappointed that the detective had been enforcing laws he couldn’t uphold himself. Another resident commented on how telling it was that the detective refused a breathalyzer test at the time he was stopped. “That says a lot,” was all that one resident had to say about it.

The head of a local action group against drunk driving found a silver lining in the disappointing arrest made Friday night. The activist said that it was encouraging that local law enforcement was willing to arrest “one of their own” because in other counties it is not the case. She went on to say that she hoped the detective had learned his lesson in all of this, and that “He’s lucky he didn’t hit anybody.”

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Law enforcement officials told a New York Criminal Lawyer that a reputable Senator’s son from Illinois pled guilty to driving while intoxicated. The charge was a misdemeanor, but it was enough to embarrass the law maker and cause his son to receive a probation sentence with an order to get treatment for abuse of alcohol. He also received a fine of $1,250. “This was a slap on the wrist,” said one resident to an investigator . Most people think that if the accused was not the son of an Illinois Senator, he would have been charged to the full extent of the law. Many thought that it was a cover up of justice and wished that it would have gone the other way to teach the son a good lesson.

Police indicated that this is not the first time that the Senator’s son has been in trouble with the law. The Police gave the accused a citation that he was changing lanes. It was obviously because he had been drinking and driving while under the influence of alcohol.

All of this happened while he was driving his SUV and coming from a night out in downtown Chicago. It could have been in The Bronx or Brooklyn. When the police tested him, his blood alcohol level was way over the limit allowed legally. The Police told a NY Criminal Lawyer that court records showed that the accused had some run-ins with the law related to the same offense both in 2004 and 2008.

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A Sportscaster for a popular Illinois TV station was arrested for DUI recently. He committed several minor traffic violations which police saw before they tried to pull him over, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. He committed another infraction of a minor offense and he was pulled over and given a field sobriety test, which he failed. Police took him in to custody and there are now criminal charges pending against him.

Once the man was in custody, he acted even stranger. A Lawyer said his behavior was odd enough that he was transported to a hospital where a drug test was administered. The results have not been released on what, if any, drugs were found in his system. If drugs had been found in his system, there may be more criminal charges levied against him. In The Bronx and Suffolk County this is a felony.

For his initial DUI arrest, he will go to court and face the judge as to what his punishment will be. Fines, jail time or both might be handed down at that time if he is convicted of any criminal charges. He is released out on bail for the time being. A criminal history background on him was not available, so it is not known if he is a repeat offender, according to the NY City Criminal Lawyer. There is also no word as to the status of his job with the TV station or if they have a code of conduct that staff need to follow. He may also lose his job if the station executives deem his behavior inappropriate to a staff member who is an on-air personality.

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An attorney, formerly a prosecutor in the Bronx, has been charged with DWI, but now he sees a way to have his case possibly thrown out, according to NY City Criminal Lawyers. The officer who caught him may well be charged herself for ticket fixing. Instead of the attorney being punished, she might end up in trouble herself.

The officer was caught by authorities on wiretap in an attempt to fix tickets for a relative and a friend. Still prosecutors say the officer, a seven-year veteran of NYPD, will not face any criminal charges of her own. That does not mean she won’t suffer punishment from her department, however.

She admitted to fixing the ticket and she’s not the only one under suspicion for the same. This means every ticket they handed out is suspect, which puts an aspect of extreme uncertainty into hundreds of criminal cases throughout New York City, including that of the attorney who was once an assistant DA.

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A Massachusetts man whose license had been revoked due to previous charges of drunk driving fell asleep while being questioned by police, Springfield Police said to NY Criminal Lawyers.

The 34-year-old Springfield man was arrested in Indian Orchard, Mass., early one morning at around 2 a.m.

A Springfield police sergeant told NY Criminal Lawyers that officers observed the suspect pull a BMW into a plaza and park his vehicle next to a dumpster. The car had heavy damage to the front end.