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Family of Victim Sues Over Hunting Death


The family of a man who died in a tragic hunting accident in Keene in 2008 is now seeking civil action against the man who killed him, New York Criminal Lawyers have learned.
The widow of the victim and her two daughters are plaintiffs in the suit against the shooter, suing him for wrongful death and negligence, as well as other grounds. The complaint, according to New York Criminal Lawyers, lists all the various ways the shooter showed his negligence when he fired that fatal shot.
He has already been convicted of criminally negligent homicide, several months before the suit was filed, and sentenced to the maximum time in prison – one-and-a-third to four years in prison, in September 2010.
The shooter, his victim, and two other men were hunting deer in the woods near Lacey Road in Keene on November 15, 2008, all of them wearing camouflage gear. During the second deer drive, when the victim was one of the drivers and the shooter was one of the watchers, the victim was mistakenly shot. The shooter was put on trial and convicted of negligent homicide in May of 2010.
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