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Fatal road rage in Long Beach, NY reports a New York Criminal Lawyer

Road rage took a deadly turn on Friday in Long Beach, NY. Police arrested 22 year old Evan Potts, a former Oceanside resident, for allegedly running over a 34 year old man. It is not clear why the initial fight had started but witnesses say that the 34 year old man, driving a Porsche, was heading east down Park Avenue in Long Beach when he jumped out of his car to chase Potts down National Boulevard. The driver of the Porsche then followed Potts to the next intersection, blowing a red light along the way to catch up to him. He blocked the car Potts’ was driving and got out of his car. The enraged man started banging on the hood of Potts’ car, yelling at him to get out. Witnesses say it seemed as though Potts’ reversed to get around the man, but was blocked in by another car. Potts hit the man, knocking him backwards and ran over him. Witness John Messina said, “It looked like the kid panicked and went right over the guy.” Eileen Kelly, 45, overheard Potts telling police, “I was trying to get away from him for 5 minutes. Look at my cell phone. I called 911 on my cell phone.” Potts will be charged under homicide statues no DWI was charged.
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