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Georgia man arrested for felony cruelty to children. If this happens in New York, you will need a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Roger Stephens; a 61 year old resident of Stone Mountain, GA; was in Wal-Mart when a simple shopping trip turned into an arrest. He was in the store at the same time as Sonya Matthews; of Grayson, GA. Matthews was in the Atlanta, GA Wal-Mart with her 2 year old daughter. Her daughter began to cry, which annoyed Stephens. Stephens yelled at Matthews to make her daughter be quiet and stop crying. After the young girl would not stop crying, Stephens repeatedly struck the child. A bystander in the store was able to detain Stephens until store security came. They then called the police. Stephens admitted to Gwinnet County Police that he hit the child. He was taken to Gwinnet County Detention Center, where he was held with out bond.
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