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Father convicted of parental kidnapping. If this happens in New York, you need a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer.

It happens all too often. A parent, who does not have custody of their child, takes the child away from the other parent in hopes of keeping the child. Clark Rockefeller, who’s real name is Christian Karl Gerhartreiter, was convicted of kidnapping his 7 year old daughter. Gerhartreiter has supervised visitation rights and was visiting with his daughter in July. Reports claim Gerhartreiter snatched his daughter the day of his visit and left with her in an SUV. The driver drove away with the child’s social worker still holding the door. Baltimore police found Gerhartreiter and his daughter six days later in a new house that he had bought for the two of them. The child was not harmed and was released back into her mother’s custody. Gerhartreiter’s lawyers claimed the man was delusional. Trying to claim insanity, the lawyers projected a picture of man who was so delusional; he thought he was having telepathic conversations with his daughter who was asking him to save her from his ex wife. The jury did not believe it. They believed he planned the kidnapping; especially since he had even hired a driver for the SUV that he kidnapped his daughter in. Gerhartreiter was criminally convicted of kidnapping and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He now faces 4 to 5 years in a state prison.

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