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Father Gets Life for Baby’s Cocaine Death-Don’t Face Life Without A Long Island Criminal Attorney


A father who was so stupid to have cocaine on his fingers as his baby teethed has been sentenced to serve a life sentence.

Along with the life sentence, Dennis Ray Driver, 26, was also fined for his incredibly idiotic actions. The felony murder of his son, Dennis Jr., took place when the father was using.

Driver said he dozed off while the child was also asleep and lying on his chest. When he came to, the child wasn’t breathing and the baby died shortly after this. This all took place at the parent’s home on Dec. 28. You can’t be more irresponsible than this person.

Driver had cut up the dope and did not feed the cocaine to the child. It was just an accident that the baby later sucked on his fingers which were tainted with the deadly stuff. This is according to prosecutor Murray Newman.

Newman wants to send a message to all parents which cautions against having illegal drugs in the area where their children are or play. Driver didn’t intentionally kill his child but his carelessness and stupidity caused the tragic death of an infant.

“We weren’t trying to prove that he intentionally caused the death,” he said. “This sends a message to parents to protect their children from any contact with illegal drugs.”

If you or a family member find yourself in this kind of situation, seek the council of a Queens Criminal Lawyer. You will need professional legal representation to help you know your rights and secure the best legal outcome.

Defense attorney Hattie Shannon said her client was disappointed with the verdict and the sentence. Driver maintained his innocence throughout the trial, she said.

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