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FBI Looks for Buried Mobster


The FBI returned to a mob graveyard on Long Island to find the resting place of a supposed Colombo mobster who had been killed more than 15 years ago, sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
The search was the second in two years for the dead mobster in the industrial park in East Farmingdale. Another Colombo capo’s body was found at the site back in October 2008. An FBI spokesman told a New York Criminal Lawyer they had found nothing so far, but will continue to dig for a while.
A mob informant admitted participating in the murder of the dead mobster in August 1995. He told federal authorities that the dead mobster was suspected of informing on the mob and lured into the home of one of his cohorts on 76th Street in Brooklyn, where he was shot to death in the basement.
The informant in the case told authorities that the body was “wrapped and buried in a hole” in Farmingdale, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. Two mob bosses are charged with killing the mobster.
There was another body the authorities were looking for, as well. There is evidence that a Pace University student is also buried there, another victim of the Colombos. As of yet, none of the more recent searches have borne any fruit, but authorities will continue to look until they are satisfied there is nothing to find, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer.
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