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Federal program uses fingerprints to identify illegal immigrants

In an effort to more easily identify illegal immigrants who have committed crimes, there is a new federal program that uses fingerprinting, using federal databases, to do so, explains a reporter. This program is being adopted by states all across America in an effort to nab illegal immigrants who have been convicted of a crime like drug possession to make it easier to process them. This program is said to be implemented across the entire U.S. by 2013.

Opponents of this program say that such measures are unnecessary, but police and law enforcement all agree that it makes the task of prosecuting illegal immigrants who have previously committed crimes much easier, reports the insider. A routine traffic stop could turn bad for any one of America’s millions of drivers, especially if they have a warrant out for their arrest and they are caught with cocaine in their possession. Why should it be any different for an illegal immigrant?

With the plethora of new laws being made to keep catch perpetrators of crimes, it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming, but law enforcement continues to insist that these new technological advances and programs are necessary to keep peace on our streets, explains the source. Of course, there are still flaws in the system and bugs to be worked out, but like everything else, this new program will take time to implement and to perfect. In the meantime, we are being urged to accept these new laws as being a step in the right direction for combating crime in all areas.

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