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Former Chief Executive of HP May Have Shared Information


A man who used to be a chief executive for the mega corporation Hewlett-Packard, has recently come under scrutiny by his superiors as well as officials, and the water seems to be getting hotter.

According to reports by a New York Criminal Lawyer, Mark Hurds sudden departure from H-P came as a surprise to many of his peers, but now the Securities and Exchange Commission is launching a full on investigation to determine whether or not He divulged privileged information about an upcoming 13.9 billion dollar acquisition before he left.

Hurd allegedly gave the information to a woman who worked for HP as an event hostess… a woman who, coincidentally, later accused the former chief executive of sexual harassment; a charge which no doubt caused him some considerable grief since he left the company shortly thereafter.

The New York Criminal Lawyer said that people who know Hurd stand by him, vocalizing that he acts appropriately in all situations. Hurd denied having any kind of relationship with the event hostess in question, but even so, the SEC is looking back at the ways that he used company funds in his dealings with her to see if that provides any clues as to the level of their interaction.

Sources told the New York Criminal Lawyer that officials at H-P are cooperating fully with the SEC in regards to the investigation and that more inquiry will be needed to determine the course of action that will be taken in the future.

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