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Former Cop faces rape charges


A disgraced former New York City Police Department officer in community-
affairs, has been convicted of groping two women and soliciting oral sex from
another woman. A NY Criminal Lawyer reports that he also has a criminal trial pending for an alleged rape of yet another woman. Judges and juries in New York City and Nassau County are harsh when defendants are found guilty of sex crimes.

He used his position of authority while in uniform as a police officer to commit
sexual crimes. As a police officer in uniform, he would use his authority to gain
the trust of his victims by offering to help and would then commit the sexual
assaults. He was convicted of groping two women that he was supposed to
help. He told both women that he would provide assistance with paper work for
an after-school program for their children. Once earning their trust, NYC Criminal Lawyers say he groped both women thereby committing a crime. The attacks occurred in 2004 and 2008. He was convicted by a jury and one female juror who asked not to be named, used the terms “disgusting” and “scumbag” when referring to the Defendant. Both women testified to the assaults in graphic detail before the jury.

He has also been convicted of soliciting oral sex from another woman who trusted the officer in uniform. He was serving a summons in Riverside Park to the woman when the solicitation took place. He is also facing a charge of rape on another female victim who trusted
the now former police officer.

The former officer is still awaiting sentencing on his conviction for groping the two
women. His sentencing date is scheduled for July. His rape trial is pending.

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