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Former Elementary School Group Leader Arrested


Florida authorities have arrested a former Elementary School group leader of a Florida Elementary School after school program, a Criminal Lawyer in New York has learned. The arrest is the result of an investigation that alleges the 21-year old taped a child to a chair in order to stop the child from crying.
Police have told lawyers the former group leader used wrapping tape to tie a 5-year old boy to a chair. The suspect is then alleged to have held the chair, with the 5-year old boy still taped to it, upside down all the while threatening the boy that he would not put the chair down until the child stopped crying. The allegations further allege that after another student had placed the 5-year old boy into a large trash can, that the suspect would not allow the boy to get out of the trash can as he continued to push the boy back down. The suspect would also quickly undo the tape if a teacher would be walking toward the room. There were no Sex Crimes charged in this case although there was some suspicion.
A NYC Criminal Lawyer was also told that the suspect was in the process of being terminated as a result of some ongoing performance issues, but had resigned before the review had been completed by the school district. Once the allegations became known to the school district, the proper authorities were notified and an investigation initiated into the alleged incidents. In Suffolk County and Nassau County, school officials are always alert to these kinds of transgressions by teachers. Sometimes and Nassau County Sex Crime Lawyer gets involved in this type of case, for obvious reasons.
Although the suspect does not have teaching credentials and is no longer employed by the school district, the local community has been very vocal on this issue, and many are wondering how this could happen in their local school. Furthermore, it has been asked by many of just whatever gave this 21-year old the idea that taping a 5-year old child to a chair and then holding the chair and child upside down would stop the child from crying. Holding a child in a trashcan is also highly unlikely as a tool to use on any child to stop them from crying.
The investigation is ongoing, and the community is awaiting more answers as to the rest of the story.

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