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Doctor on Trial for Trading Pills for Sex


A doctor in Hilltown, PA, will stand trial and stands accused of trading pills for sex, a New York City Criminal Lawyer learned. The doctor is also being sued for malpractice for the suicide of an Upper Gwynedd police officer. The doctor is presently free on bond pending a court date that is set for next month.
A New York Sex Crimes Lawyer was also told that the suicide of the police officer is not the only death that has been attributed to the doctor’s dozen or more drug charges. A 31-year old woman reportedly overdosed with more than six different medications in her system that the doctor allegedly prescribed to her the day before she died. The woman had visited the doctor for pills several times, according to sources. Each time all she had to do was to show the doctor her breasts and he would then prescribe her the medication. Some of the drugs the woman had in her system the day she died included Oxycodone, Diazepam, Zolpidem, Amitriptyline, Sertraline, and Carisoprodol. All reportedly prescribed by the doctor. It should be noted, however, that since the district attorney has thus far been unable to link the doctor and the mix of drugs in the woman at the time of her death, he has been unable to charge the doctor with her death.
The Upper Gwynedd police detective who committed suicide was a patient of the accused doctor and had seen him after having shoulder surgery for anxiety. The detective was prescribed Xanax and was in addition to allergy and sleep medication. Over the course of about a month, the doctor increase the officer’s dosage from 1mg to 8 mg, which by all accounts is a large dosage. By the end of March, the detective shot himself while at the police station.
As part of a different investigation, local authorities used both an undercover police officer and an undercover informant to record their transactions with the doctor. This is just what they would do in New York City and Staten Island. Although the doctor asked the informant for sex, he was informed that she would return later. Apparently, it was the police who returned to his office and with a warrant in hand he was arrested.

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