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Under the law: Celebrities cited for tax discrepancies respond in different ways


Consider the following phrase: Tax season. What thoughts come to mind? If you find yourself cringing, you are not alone. Several notable celebrities have failed to maintain their obligations to Uncle Sam, as observed by a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Did you ever consider that Batman might have tax trouble? A popular star of “Batman Forever” fame was issued a $498,165 IRS lien last November for failing to fully pay taxes in 2008, according to the Associated Press. However, the star righted this wrong in a responsible way in 2009 by paying up, according to an entertainment website called TMZ.

What about the “A-list” “National Treasure” star who faced several successive IRS tax liens in the past few years, which at one point amounted to a tab of $13.3 million owed. The details included a disagreement between the star and a financial advisor/manager as well as a legal action on the part of both men, against one another. Again, a Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer notes that the actor smoothed over his troubles responsibly: according to he is “under new business management and am happy to say that I am current for 2009.”

But wait: A star of the “Blade” trilogy, has also found himself on the “watch list” of the IRS. In 2008, the star was found guilty of “willful failure to file” income tax. This originated in 1998, when he decided to claim himself “a non taxpayer” and subsequently racked up around $15 million in back taxes over the following decade. This actor’s story does not end quite as well as the other men in this account, he began serving a 3-year sentence in December 2010.

A skilled lawyer recognizes the importance of paying taxes on time and in full. As clearly shown above, even those who enjoy celebrity status make errors in regards to tax payments and are investigated accordingly! Be assured that excellent legal counsel and viable solutions will be afforded you and those important to you, all you need to do is make the call.

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