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Former Teacher Arrested


A New York Criminal Lawyer has learned that a former middle school teacher has been arrested by police for improper text messaging a former student and offering to furnish her with alcohol. The 41-year old former teacher now faces the fourth degree felony of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
The police department has expressed its happiness in getting a child predator off the streets. The text messages and emails the former teacher had sent to the 15-year old girl were very carefully crafted and with the exception of offering the teen alcohol, never included any offers for sex. However, there were some personal compliments included, such as how pretty the girl is, how nice her legs are, and how much he wished he were younger so he could date her. It is unclear as to whether the teenager or her parents notified the police. However, it is at this point that the police did become involved.
The former teacher did not realize that police had begun monitoring the teenager girl’s Facebook account and in reality he was making these comments to them instead of the teen he was seeking her favors. His offers to provide her with alcohol were accepted. When he pulled into a local store parking lot to meet the teen, police were there waiting for him. A search of the vehicle concluded with the discovery of alcohol that he had allegedly brought for the 15-year old girl’s use. In Manhattan and Queens this could easily be considered a sex crime.
Police are concerned that this may not be the only underage contact the former teacher had with any of his former students. Investigators are asking that if anyone has any information on the former teacher’s past contacts, that they come forward. Unfortunately, many cases like this remain either under-reported or not reported at all until someone that conducts these types of crimes is captured.
It is not known at this time why former teacher’s contract had not been renewed the previous year, and as of this writing, the school district has not returned any of the NY Criminal Lawyer’s calls.

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