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Police Arrest Armed Robbery Suspects


A recent series of armed robberies in the Seattle area has ended in an arrest. Using photos from an ATM as well as eyewitness accounts, police made the arrest after spotting the suspect walking along a city street. Although the suspect initially denied the allegations, his father, mother, and stepmother, all identified him as being the subject in the ATM that was using a stolen credit card in order to withdraw cash.
The man has not been named, thus far, due to the fact that he has not been formally charged in the case. He is, however, being held on $100,000 bail, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. Police were able to effect the arrest after his parents had identified him as being the person in the ATM when they saw him and another subject walking along a city street. He was wearing the exact same clothing as he was wearing in the ATM photo. The suspect’s friend was later released.
This is not the suspect’s first run-in with the law, reported a NY City Criminal Lawyer. Over the past year, he was a guest at the King County Jail three times, but as of the end of November, he did not have any convictions on record.
Police have been looking to put an end to the recent rash of robberies in the city. Recent reports of a robbery at a local middle school, a man was held up at gunpoint, robbers made off with a woman’s purse, and a woman was robbed at gunpoint while sitting in a parked car, have all had the local neighborhood on its guard. In Brooklyn and Manhattan, this is automatically considered to be the crime of Gun Possession on top of all the other charges.
The suspect is awaiting sentencing on a recent case to which he pleaded guilty on third-degree theft charges of where he stole his stepmother’s engagement ring that was valued at more than $8,000. It is unclear at this point as to what, if any, affect this recent arrest will have on the sentencing in that case. It had been recommended by the local prosecutor’s office that the sentence be suspended pending his completion of an inpatient treatment program.

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