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If you are a Fugitive of Larceny hire a New York Criminal Lawyer


The Nassau County Police Department is looking for help finding a subject who helped commit the crime of larceny. This crime took place in Wantagh, New York located on Long Island. This fugitive is wanted by the criminal court and in need of a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Back on January twenty-fifth in 2006 in the evening, a white, American male in his early twenties walked into a CVS Pharmacy, apparently with the intent to commit a crime. This particular pharmacy was located at 3491 Merrick Rd in Wantagh. When the fugitive of justice went into the store, he allegedly stole four cartons of cigarettes. The approximate value of stolen merchandise should have cost him a total of $170.

The Caucasian fugitive has short, dark brown hair, no facial hair and very light, pale skin. The video surveillance camera caught the subject wearing black washed jeans, a fur, hooded parka with a red lining, and a black shirt at the scene of the crime. The camera caught him entering the store. He left the crime scene heading towards the north. He fled by foot. To see a picture of this fugitive, click on the following link:

The fugitive should surrender himself if confronted by police and get a New York Criminal lawyer to represent him. While it appears the charge would be a misdemeanor, a good criminal lawyer may be able to raise a reasonable doubt about his guilt because of the poor quality of the video and in the absence of an eyewitness, the criminal charge of robbery .

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates and its New York Crime Lawyers with easy to get to locations in the New York Metropolitan Area including Jamaica, New York, can be of invaluable help to you if you find yourself a defendant in a criminal action. Facing charges without professional representation could lead to terrible results.

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