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Game Gets Bentley Jacked … By Cops!-A Queens Criminal Lawyer Can Help if this happens to you


Police took the Bentley belonging to The Game. the car was towed and received a summons for expired tags. No doubt the rapper was not happy about this. The police who removed the car didn’t seem to care that The Game was on.

Early last evening, the rapper was stopped in Glendale, CA. and was cited by cops for the having tags which were not up to date and for having a suspended Drivers’ License proof of insurance. Glendale PD spokesperson John Balian said that the tags were at least six months expired.

if you are stopped or arrested by authorities in Queens, call a Queens Criminal Attorney. Once the police become involved you run the risk of prosecution for offenses you may not be guilty of. If you do not have a Queens Criminal Lawyer, the chances are great that you will wind up on the wrong side of the justice system.

The Bentley was impounded by the authorities. Before The Game can play with his Bentley again he will have to cough up late fees, fines and make sure he has proper insurance.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates and its NY Criminal Defense Lawyers with convenient locations in the New York Met Area including Kew Gardens, Queens can be of invaluable aid to you if you find yourself accused in a criminal action. Facing the law without professional and able representation could lead to a very unwanted situation.

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