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Hate Killing of Immigrant May Render a Plea Bargain Reports a Bronx Criminal Lawyer


An Ecuador-ean immigrant in Patchogue died at the hands of two suspects. One of the suspects is only eighteen and may take a plea while the other suspect is nineteen was due in court next week. The District Attorney said that both cases were moved up but would not comment further. A Bronx Criminal Lawyer may have more information on the case soon.

These two teens, and five others, are charged with first-degree gang assault and fourth degree conspiracy in relation to the killing of the man. The teens also face charges for other crimes in which they are suspects.

The attorney of the eighteen year old said he might plead guilty depending on the outcome of a meeting with the judge in his chambers. The lawyer for the nineteen-year-old said that his client has no intention of taking a plea. A Bronx Criminal Lawyer reports that the district attorney’s position hasn’t changed in this case.

Apparently the lawyer for the nineteen-year-old was awaiting the decision from the judge on various motions including whether a statement made to police is admissible and another motion to suppress evidence and dismiss some of the charges. The judge has yet to rule on motions made by the defense and jury selection should occur soon.

A New York Criminal Lawyer says that another teen is the only one charged with second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter and that both are dubbed hate crimes. Authorities indicate that this teen fatally stabbed the immigrant. All of the teens gave statements to police just hours after the killing and admitted being involved in the crime. The judge has already ruled that two of the statements can be used in the trial. For now, no deals are on the table and the defendants hope to get one trial.

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