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Hearing set for tax collector accused of stealing


An evidentiary hearing has been set in the lawsuit against a former tax collector. A Milford Superior Court judge set Feb. 7 as the date for the hearing, a source was informed. Milford is located in Connecticut.

Both the prosecution and the defense will present their evidence for the trail before the judge. The judge will then decide if there is enough evidence for the lawsuit to continue to a trial. Not only will the judge hear about any physically evidence, but also if there are any witnesses to the supposed grand larceny, the judge will talk with them.

The parties involved have the right to know the claims against them and the evidence that the prosecution has. The evidentiary hearing gives both parties the ability to be on the same page. If the judge decides there is not enough evidence, the lawsuit will be thrown out.

The town filed a lawsuit against the former tax collector in December 2010. According to the lawsuit, Milford officials state the tax collector stole town funds. She is accused of embezzlement of over $670,000, claims an official . Milford officials believe the theft happened over a six year time span.

Milford is seeking to redeem their stolen money by taking over the tax collector’s house. They believe the house will help get the town back on its feet. The house is located on 2 Douglas Drive.

The tax collector had worked in her elected position for 24 years. She had been on unpaid leave since Jan. 13, 2010. She resigned from her position on June 22, 2010, as reported to a columnist.

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