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Kentucky Accident Ends In Arrest,


An accident in the city of Paducah Kentucky over the weekend resulted in arrest, when the man responsible for the accident was charged with driving under the influence, DWI, when he crashed into another car in the intersection of Kentucky Dam Road and US 68 outside of Paducah, said a local familiar with the area.

According to police, the suspect (a fifty five year old male) originally from Paducah, collided with an elderly female Paducah resident and her passenger (both also from Paducah) as she made a left-hand turn off of Kentucky Dam Road onto Highway 68. The suspect, who was traveling along Kentucky Dam Road in the opposite direction, failed to yield or slow, and the suspect collided with the right side of the woman’s car.

One observer said accidents such as these are often challenging cases to prove fault in, when they do not involve external factors (such as intoxicated driving) DUI. Because the intersection has both a turn arrow and a green light, it was impossible for the investigating officers to determine whether the victim of the accident had actually had the right of way at the time of the collision. While this issue is moot during the trial portion of the case, the question of right-of-way could become important during sentencing.

The suspect in the case was reported to be traveling with a passenger; a fact which the expert believes could lead to further litigation. Deputies reported seeing the female passenger dispose of several beers.

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