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Horrific experience for Kips Bay Woman


Last Thursday, at about 4 a.m. a Manhattan woman was the victim of a terrible crime. According to a New York Criminal Lawyer, the woman was in her apartment when a 24 year old man broke into her apartment while wielding a knife. The man proceeded to rape the woman, and then robbed her before leaving the scene. Fortunately, the alleged criminal was apprehended by police the next day.

Amongst the items the man stole were a cell phone, credit card, and the woman’s television, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. The victim lives in the Kips Bay area of Manhattan. The police did not give the New York Criminal Lawyer any details as to how the suspect was able to break into the woman’s apartment, or whether the two knew each other before the incident.

No doubt further word will be provided once the suspect is charged and sees trial. No word was given as to the state of the woman or whether or not she would receive any counseling.

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